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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rip the Page (fantastic and helpful resource)..........Rip my leg (painful and frightening)!!

What's upper bloggy friends???!!! I have been m.i.a for a while, but the start of school has kept me SUPER busy and super EXHAUSTED, so I had to take time to gather myself and refocus lol. On another note....I am happy to report that my rock stars have been great and I look forward to an exciting year.

I also wanted to share a wonderful resource that has been shared and utilized throughout my district with Language Arts teachers. I think it is a FANTABULOUS tool for any teacher who would like to beef up their students creative writing. It's called Rip the Page! Adventures in Creative Writing written by: Karen Benke.
This book will definitely wash out any reservations when it comes to writing. It is an excellent resource for definitions (broken down by specific topics), writing prompts, word list, and it even includes notes from famous authors to kids. The possibilities of what you can get the kids to produce in writing with this helpful tool is endless. Oh and let's not forget Rip the Page plus a mentor text....all I can say is AWESOME!!

as for the second part of my post today.....................I literally did RIP MY LEG!!

After attending an updated staff development on creative writing, I couldn't wait to get home to start my workout for the day. Yes people I said work out!........Okay so I decided to take a jab at running the bleachers. I ran them (bleachers) a couple of times and decided to take a quick break. I finally decided that I was going to hit the bleachers one more time, but before I could get going, I slipped and fell right through them!! Long story short... I busted my leg open (almost to the bone) and now I have 7 staples to show for it. (sad face here)

Words of advice...STAY AWAY FROM BLEACHERS!!!!! LOL

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