Fantabulous Fourth Grade!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where it all goes down Wednesday: New expectations, new students, and a FABULOUS classroom! So......Let me get my mind right for a ROCKIN' school year!!

This is a post from earlier in the week, but I am hoppin on baord with Blog Hoppin for Where It All Goes Down Wednesday!! Check it out, check it out, check it out!!!

It's a tad bit different today for me to be blogging considering the fact that this is the last weekend to chillax before school starts. I have sat through hours and hours of staff development, rearranged my classroom 50 million times, blog stalked for hours upon hours, created and borrowed (decorations/class necessities/posters/etc.), and read several professional books, so I think that it is safe to say that I am READY!!
Here are a few pics of my finished (well...let me be honest....almost finished) classroom:

First up....FABULOUS ideas from Beth Newingham with my own personal twist!

    Classroom library!! Shout out to Fabulous Firsties for the letter idea

Bulletin Boards

Rock Star Lounge and Computer Center

Writing Center ('s a little dark)

My teacher corner

  Small group table and random areas in the classroom

I am not completely done because there are a few small details that I would like to add to the room to continue to ROCK OUT this school year.


  1. I don't think I ever feel *completely* done with my classroom either. There's always just a point where I have to tell myself I've done as much as I can before the kids come. Your classroom is looking great!! Hope you have FANTABULOUS year! :)


  2. Thanks Marisa @ iDream.iPlan.iTeach! Hope you have a FANTABULOUS year as well!

  3. Just a question....where did you get all of the rock and roll stuff...... I love the spot lights. do you mind sharing

    1. Of course I don't mind sharing!!! I apologize for responding so late! I purchased the spotlight backdrop at a local party supply. Most places should carry it because it's apart of the newest disco party theme. A lot of the other stuff was made or bought at the teacher's supply. I just combined ideas from Pinterest and online pics to come up with some of the decor. I hope that helps!!

      Ka'Shawna@Fantabulous 4th Grade!

    2. By the way most of my inspiration and poster templates can from the fabulous Beth Newingham!!!