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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bargain Deals for Teachers: Keeping My Ears to the Streets!

Hey guys!  I just wanted to share a great bargain with each of you that I saw in the new sales ads for next week. Don't know about you , but I know I am always down for a bargain. It feels so much better to say that I saved X amount of dollars (when I have to justify my school related purchases) because there are SOOOOOO MANY to justify!

If you didn't know already.....Staples is still offering a 25 item limit to all educators who presents their i.d. at the time of purchase.

Staples will also have Composition Notebooks starting tomorrow (August 7-10 that's Monday through Wednesday ONLY) for 10 cents (did you here me) 10 cents with any $5 dollar purchase. Best part teachers can still get 25 @ 10 cents each!!!

Other bragains at Staples include:

1. scissors @ 50 cents
2. Copy paper @ 50cents

My local Office Depot has been doing a great job of matching any of Staples offers (even the quantity), so if they sell out try other stores that will price match.

Hope this helps! Spread the word guys I know I would appreciate it!

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