Fantabulous Fourth Grade!!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MEEEE and Classroom Digs!!! Better late than NEVER!

Ok sooooo... I know that I am a day late and a dollar short with this post, but I had an assignment due (working on my doctorate degree) that I was literally STUCK on and I ABSOLUTELY had to finish that first before I attempted to do ANYTHING else! I know you guys understand, so let's move to ME and my fantabulous self {smiling from ear to ear as I type this}.

1. I am a 4th grade Writing/Language Arts teacher from TEXAS. Where EEEEverrythang is BIGGER and BETTER!  Whoop there it is! 

2. One amazing thing about my teaching career is that I have been teaching now for 8 years and initially NEVER wanted to be a teacher! I was a double major in Psychology and Health Administration and the plan was to work on my master's {because there's really no money in Psychology without having credentials} and find a job that I could do in the mean time to support my shopping habits. I thought (while kicking and screaming)... why not teach? Sooooo that's exactly what I did! I went through an alternative certification program and began teaching 3 months later and I have LOVED every minute of it!

3. Photography gives me LIFE! I love everything about it. I am pretty good at it and can use any type of device that takes a snap shot and make something out of  it! I am seriously considering doing children's photography as a side business. I am still working at it because I don't like to do anything short of amazing, so in the mean time I will keep practicing because I get better and better with time. Here are a few pics that I have recently taken and yes I know that are graduation pics! 


4. I know # 3 was about photography, but I have to state that I am a SELFIE fanatic. I absolutely adore selfies on INSTA (GRAM). Because I love taking pictures of myself, having somewhere to go and look at others who enjoy it as much as I do is the BOMB dot COM!

                       My latest selfie

5. Reality television is something that I kind of feel bad to admit {not really} is my favorite. I DVR so many reality television shows its a tad bit ridiculous. I mean... who can resist trash tv at its finest!

6. I am the oldest child and grand child (on both my mom and dad sides of the family), and the oldest great (on my mom;s side). That's pretty neat huh!

7. My favorite color is Cerulean Blue.

8.  I coach cheerleading and want to open my own all-star cheerleading and dance gym.

9. I am a really good dancer.

10. One of my favorite things to do each year or whenever I get the opportunity to do so is to travel. There's something about visiting a new place and experiencing something different!

I haven't finished my classroom just yet, but it's coming along! I literally did not start gathering new things for my classroom until late last week, but I knew that I wanted to change up my room this year. I have been using the same decorations, colors, and theme for the past 3 years and I felt it was time for a change. I am keeping the rock star theme because I absolutely LOVE the different ways that you can incorporate so many things with the theme. 
AND... It didn't help that I have SO many rockstar related things left over from the past 3 years that I REFUSED to waste, so needless to say my classroom has a rock star theme with a new twist of colors, patterns (stripes and Chevron-my FAVORITE ever since it became popular last year), and decorations. My colors are black, lime green, turquoise, blue (as close to cerulean as I could get), purple, gold, and gray.  

These are just a few pics of my room and some things that I plan on using or incorporating into my classroom decorations. 

My college board. We have to do one every year and this is what it looks like so far. I need to add a few pictures and facts. (Prairie View A&M University) 

      Grammar Wall Pennants

             Accent Flowers

     Bulletin Board /Part of Grammar Wall

Meeting area rug (I haven't decided on the one I want)

             More Pennants

Daily 5 - Matches last year's theme- Not sure if I want to change them

Well... This is where I am so far, but I will get it done by the middle of next week. I will post final pics when I am done!

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