Fantabulous Fourth Grade!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting BACK into the GROOVE!!!


It has been a VERY long time since I made a post! My move to a new district last year and working on my doctorate degree was a bit cray cray overwhelming and time just seemed to never sit still long enough for me to get my self  TOGETHER! I kept up with my bloggy friends (every chance I could get), but as for me keeping up with my own blog...well...I didn't do so well.

I wanted to start out by writing a quick post because I am working on some fun stuff over at Blog Hoppin for the SUPER FUN activities for Teacher Week 2013. The information was posted in advance, so that everyone can make their post all faaaaannnncccy and fabulous. Soooooooooooo get your posts ready and let's do this!

I am also working on getting my blog a MUCH needed make over, so that my blog looks purrrrrtttttyyyyy! Unfortunately, I am not the only one that needs wants a blog make over, so I will have to be on a waiting list. I don't mind waiting because I know it's a process, but I am antsy and want to get it done.

Oh...last thing...I will be uploading pics of my classroom reveal next week, so stay tuned!



  1. Glad to see you're back!